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Suspension lift kit / Body lift


  • Custom raised height
  • Shocks, springs, spring bushes
  • heavy duty raised height shocks
  • Or upgrade to Performance shocks
  • Ranger, Colorado, D-Max, BT50, Triton, Navara, Hilux, Amarok
  • The best brands at an affordable price


  • Optimum grip and enhanced lane stability in day to day and extreme situations​. Twin tube construction for maximum on and off road durability.​
  • Leaf springs are designed to achieve the best possible ride for your 4X4, whilst increasing your ride height, load carrying ability and improving overall suspension travel.
  • Military Wrapped Eyes for extra safety in the instance of a main leaf breaking.
  • Drawn tapered & diamond cut leafs to aid in load distribution over a larger
    surface area.
  • Inter leaf anti friction liners between the springs leafs to reduce friction and improve ride comfort.
  • High strength alignment clips with nylon insulators to reduce wear and noise.
  • Heavy duty to allow for up to 250kg of additional load carrying capacity.

* Design and features of some leaf springs may vary

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Lowering the suspension can provide performance benefits depending
on your vehicle and how low you take it. The potential benefits of a lowered vehicle include:


  • Reduced risk of rollovers due to a lower centre of gravity
  • Improved handling and greater tire grip on some vehicles
  • Less wind drag due to greater aerodynamics
  • Street appeal & custom look that sets your vehicle apart from
    stock models

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bullbars & Winch bars

We have a wide range of Bull bars available at our store. Our prices are very competitive and we guarantee great quality work. We provide fitting so you can choose your bull bar and get it fitted all under one roof.

Come on in or see below for the various range of Bull bars we have available for different types of 4WDs.


  • All components constructed from high quality steel
  • Sand black powder coat finish
  • ADR compliant
  • Airbag compatible
  • Winch ready from factory (no need to purchase additional items to mount a winch)
  • Dual aerial mounts
  • Spot light / light bar mounts
  • Dual recovery points
  • Dual high-lift jacking points
  • Polyurethane over rider protection
  • LED park/indictor lights with DRL’s
  • Fog lights
  • Underbody protection plates are available to purchase for most vehicles

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Fitting a snorkel means air supply is drawn from roof level providing cooler and cleaner air to the engine, which means greater fuel efficiency and less clogging of air filters when compared to air drawn at a bonnet level.

If you are ever thinking about taking that “plunge” a 4×4 snorkel is a must! These stop your vehicle from drowning and getting water through the intake. Sometimes even a large puddle of water can spray back up into the engine bay causing damage.

our products

quality used cars

We take pride in offering a curated selection of quality used cars that meet high standards for performance, reliability, and safety. Our expert team thoroughly inspects and vets each vehicle, ensuring you drive away with peace of mind.

Whether you’re in search of a sleek sedan, a versatile SUV, or a robust truck, we have a diverse range to suit your needs.